Mohammed Saad

The area of Africa = 30.37 million square  kilometers

The area of China = is 9.6 million square kilometers

The area of the USA = 9.8 million square kilometers

The area of Europe = 10.18 million square kilometers

  • Africa is bigger than Europe, China, and the USA
  • But in most of the world’s geographic maps, Africa is shown intentionally as lower than its area to establish the visual impact that Africa is small, feels intentional to make the Africans feel small.
  • Africa owns 40% of the arable lands in the globe
  • Africa owns 90% of the reserves of raw materials.
  • Africa owns 40% of the gold reserve in the world.
  • Africa owns 33% of the diamonds reserve
  • Africa owns 80% of Cobalt reserves (a mineral used to produce phones and electronics), especially in Congo.
  • Africa is rich with oil and natural gas
  • Africa (Namibia in particular) owns the richest coasts in the globe.
  • Africa is rich in Manganese, copper, and wood.

Africa is three times the area of China, 3 times Europe, and three times the area of the USA.

Africa’s area is 30 million square kilometers (30.875.415 square kilometers). The population of Africa is 1.3 billion while the population of China is 1.4 billion in an area of more than 9.6 million square kilometers).

This means that Africa has a very low population.

  • The fertile lands in Congo can feed the whole African continent.
  • All the fertile lands in Africa can feed the whole world.
  • Congo has important rivers that can generate electrical power for the whole continent.

The problem is that the westerners and their companies along with some African puppets are working for decades to promote the instability in the Dark Continent.

Africa is distinguished with its diversity in culture and it is the place of 30 thousand herbal drugs which the western countries utilize in their laboratory experiments to come out with medicines.

The youth population in Africa is expected to touch 2.5 billion by 2050.

Africa represents the future of humanity.

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