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Al-Burhan: Either the Sudanese People Agree or the Elections

Dagalo: There is No Dispute Between the Regular Forces and the Juba Agreement is Not a “Mistake”

Khartoum – 4/28/2022 — The Chairman of the Sovereignty Council, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant-General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, said that the political solution includes two options, either by consensus of the Sudanese people or holding elections, and added, “We will not break the desire of all the people of Sudan.”

During the breakfast of the Rapid Support Forces leadership in Khartoum today, Thursday, Al-Burhan described the measures of last October 25 as breaking the monopoly of power from one unauthorized party, stressing that the change broke the monopoly and called for consensus among the components of the Sudanese people except for the National Congress Party, and considered the invitation of the head of the United Nations Mission in Sudan. Volker Peretz agrees with the October 25 procedures regarding consensus, and added, “Now we are called for consensus, and they are the same people who spoke about it, whether Volker or anyone else. Even we ourselves do not want to monopolize power.” prescriptions from a foreign party.

Al-Burhan stated that the military is being targeted and that they are striving for the national position that is dictated by duty, and said: “We are targeted because we wear this khaki… that is, the wearing of khaki has no interest other than the interest of Sudan, and there is no difference between us and we represent all of Sudan.”

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces stressed that the army has duties and responsibilities and does not seek to please anyone, and is subject to handing over power to the presence of safe bodies or through elections, noting that the military saw the intentions of their former partners, and added, “We are committed to the Sudanese people to protect it.”

Al-Burhan stated that the armed forces are capable of integrating the forces when the appropriate conditions arise, noting that some view the forces as a burden on the Sudanese, stressing that they are Sudanese who did not come from Europe and America and none of them stands against Sudan’s interest.

Al-Burhan affirmed that the strength of the regular forces is in their unity, made it clear that all the regular forces are working in accordance with their national duty in full coordination, and added, “It is impossible for a fight to happen between us and there is no escaping by calling for a dispute.”

Al-Burhan confirmed that the Rapid Support Forces are fighting on the outskirts of Sudan and guarding the country on behalf of the sleepers and those who spread out in the streets of Khartoum after eating their breakfast, while members of the regular forces are present on the farmlands. One, and we have nothing but the interest of the people of Sudan, and there is no difference between us.” He described the rapid support as a living example of the unity of the people of Sudan and a mouthpiece for all the silent people of Sudan. .”.

For his part, the Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council and the Commander of the Rapid Support Forces, Lieutenant-General Muhammad Hamdan Daglo, called for the establishment of a true state like a mirror in which everyone sees himself and demanded the political forces take responsibility, categorically denying the existence of any dispute between the regular forces as some have been promoting and added those who promote Because of such things, the Sudanese people will soon reveal them, and he stressed that the regular forces do not covet the rule, and he said: “Whoever wants power from the military to take off his military uniform and wear a galabiya,” noting that everything that happened in the country was done by politicians and recommended politicians to assume national responsibility and serve the country.

Dagalo denied that the Juba Peace Agreement was a “mistake,” and stressed that without signing the peace agreement, the alternative would be war, noting that the war bill is exorbitant. Implementing security arrangements, deepening confidence, and completing the rest of the terms of the agreement.

He acknowledged that the country is going through economic hardship and that the external parties did not fulfill their promise to support the transitional government, and called the components and parties of the government for unity and consensus, and said: “We are one bloc, nothing can separate us. We do not want anyone to be oppressed. They gave the armed forces “mother and spearhead for the regular agencies and the crown of our head. A country that has no army has no value. We want a national army with the doctrine of the armed forces. He affirmed that there is no dispute between the regular agencies, pointing out that some stalkers promote sedition and disagreements in order to achieve A special agenda, and he continued by saying (Praise be to God, I am President Al-Burhan. I did not meet him under an air-conditioner or in a building, but I met him in the field)

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