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Dagalo: “We Do Not Want to Enter the Elections Without Having a Consensus”

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Deputy Chairman of the Sudanese Sovereign Council, Mohamed Hamdan Hemedti, confirmed that the measures taken on October 25 were agreed upon by all parties, including the resigned Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok, all civilian and military members of the Sovereign Council, and the parties to the Juba Peace Agreement.

Dagalo made it clear during the construction and reconstruction youth breakfast this evening in a hall that they waited for reconciliation between the political parties and the establishment of the Legislative Council for about two and a half years, but they faced a state of recovery and revenge.

He called for the renunciation of regionalism, tribalism, and racism in all parts of the country and entered the elections with the consensus of all political parties. We are all Sudanese and Africans, and our strength has increased in our unity and diversity.

He pointed out that the delay in appointing the prime minister indicates their desire to reach a national consensus that leads to a solution to the current political crisis.

He called on young people of all affiliations to confront the development and reconstruction of Sudan and help the security services by providing information to eradicate the current looter phenomena.

About the rise of the dollar during the past days, he made it clear that some were happy with the increase in currency rates, pointing to the patriots of the sons of Sudan now working with all their efforts (because the dollar beats the wattage), and he continued (Now they are working in the courts and the prosecution, because again The dollar was to be found in Naqaa, growing).

For his part, President of the Construction and Development Youth Abdul Rahman Deedan pledged to work hard and faithfully for the renaissance and reconstruction of the country, revealing great arrangements that are being prepared and announced in the coming days that will create great momentum in the arena.

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