Long Live Egypt

Mohammed Saad

Within the activities of a training course which I attended in Egypt, the organizers took us on a tour in Cairo, the capital city of Egypt, in an air-conditioned bus accompanied by Ms. Nevien Morsy, who is the supervisor of the training course during which she positive energies inside our bodies which are suffering the thirst and hunger in this holy month of Ramadan.

Ms. Nevien kept showing and explaining the giant development projects which the Egyptians are working on day and night to lay the foundation stones for the bright future of the upcoming generations.

Amazingly I recognized a housing project in Al-Muqatam under the sponsorship of (the Long Live Egypt Fund). The fund provides urban and social development activities to the citizens living in unplanned and unsafe areas.

The newly constructed compounds with all the necessary facilities which cost the government more than 2 billion Egyptian pounds provided the housing 250 thousand citizens who were living in shanty towns and poor villages.

This giant project is one of the tens of projects which the fund is implementing all over the country.

The Egyptians disregarded their political disputes and started practically thinking about their future. They transformed their thinking into practical thinking, a matter that had a direct positive reflection on the Egyptians.

Our question to our African governments is why don’t they benefit from the Egyptian experience in developing their countries.

Egypt could be a constancy house for African governments to benefit from its experiences in sustainable development, planning, and implementation; instead of conflicting our the power share and promoting the tribalism, racism, hunger, killing, and ignorance.

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