Responding to Sheikh Abul Hai Yusuf’s Threats

Osman Mirghani

Where have you been when the ousted regime was tarnishing the religion and sacking those who are not loyal to the regime under the theme of (empowerment). Those practices have nothing to do with Islam.

Where have you been the ousted regime initiated new legislation to allow for the corrupt people who embezzled public money to pay back some of what they have embezzled without bringing them to book.

Where have you been when the ousted regime kept sending our youth to fight in South Sudan under the slogan of holy war against the infidels there?

Where have you been when the leaders of the ousted regime kept threatening the people and doing whatever it decided besides provocation statements such us (lick your elbows if you don’t agree with us)?

Where have you been when the ousted regime smuggled the revenues of oil, and gold to private accounts in Malaysia and Switzerland instead of spending it on development projects inside Sudan?

Why didn’t you mobilize the citizens against the ousted regime when they opened the door wide for Iran to expand its Shiite activities in Sudan?

Empty barrels are nosier, our honorable Sheikh, but I tell you we are Muslims by nature and did not get our religion from your lectures. We know our religion by our prayers, fasting, tolerance, etc. and that was even before the emergence of political Islam.

Last but not least, our message to Sheikh Abdul Hai, is don’t threaten us by mobilizing the citizens because we know very well when and where we should mobilize.

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