The Change

Mohammed Saad

These days there seemed to be some indicators for another chance that might put an end to this critical situation in Sudan. All the indicators are showing that the change is imminent.

It is usual in Sudan that the citizens witness difficulties in getting their basic requirements, and then the crises are followed by political and social conflicts a matter that leads to the change. It is not necessarily that the change is for the better, but rather it is just a change that might be in favor of one group or ideology.

Since independence, the Sudanese are bringing certain figures to the seats of governance representing a few political parties without any change except inheritance, as if it is a play that is continuing for tens of years without change or amendment except that the actors became old with grey hair.

The ongoing intensive meetings and shuttle moves from the government officials to the neighboring countries and the states that represent political incubators besides the enormous initiatives indicate that an imminent change will occur in the Sudanese political map.

The Sudanese people do not care who is ruling or how Sudan is ruled, but all their concern is to find an answer to the eternal question which is how can a laborer whose salary doesn’t exceed US$20 per month survive? Yes, to survive only!

This question has been directed to our political elites since independence without any answers till now.

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