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The report “Sudan: Breakthrough is on the Horizon” posted on the website of Global America and African Affairs has published my answer to the question: “Is the release of Professor Ibrahim Ghandour, former foreign minister, head of NCP seen as a sign of de-escalation, or is it just a tactic by the military to force political forces to speed up the negotiation process before members of the former regime can regroup?”

I believe that the return of some professionals and senior employees to the Sudanese government has become necessary to stem the deterioration of the government’s administrative and economic performance as the failure of the newcomers from the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) happened due to the most destructive practice in Sudan, “the political exclusion”.

I didn’t miss an opportunity to support the positive steps and the right decisions taken by the transitional government, especially the second cabinet that formed after the Juba agreement. My article “New Four Leaders for Free Economy and Better Relations with the World” was a clear example of how it was important to support the positive decision, particularly, free economy-related ones.

Unfortunately, the first cabinet was just a group of activists and some experts that were under the “intellectual terrorism” of the leftists (Communists and Baathists) while the second cabinet was able to take strong decisions such as floating the exchange rate. I continued to criticize the horrible decisions taken by the dismantling committee. My practice of opposing some decisions and supporting others is still necessary as the third and the fourth cabinets need something just like Prof. Ghandour coined (the supportive opposition).

According to my point of view, a person like Ghandour ensures that supporters of the former regime would not retaliate against the transition, as he has been campaigning genuinely and bravely for (the supportive opposition) since the transition period began. The people who put Ghandour in jail for more than two years are the real enemies to the stability and the peaceful transition in Sudan, not him.

What is the way out to national political reconciliation?

I am a strong believer that the 2005 constitution is the best solution.

In the GA-Website report, Umma party leader Mubarak Fadil al-Mahdi said that ongoing consultations include several options, one of them is restoring the 2005 constitution.

It is well said by Mr. Mubarak and I can’t agree more. Naivasha agreement and 2005 constitution were supported and endorsed by the international community, the United Nations, the African Union, and friends of Sudan. Furthermore, the parliament in the 2005 period was more comprehensive than FFC. Actually, FFC constitutional document is far behind the 2005 constitution.

ongoing consultations should include the wise and moderate voices from the NCP and the Islamic Movement, otherwise, the idea of “the supportive opposition” will collapse.

For more information on the release of Professor Ibrahim Ghandour read the MC-Media report “Ghandour, free and popular again: A Sudanese court found the most popular and acceptable figure among the former regime leaders innocent and released him on 7th, April 2022.”

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