When Hate and Fake News Intersect

Old photos that have nothing to do with the events of Karenik and there is a part of them that has nothing to do with Sudan, this is just trade in tragedies. Rather, it seems they want to ignite more strife and ignite the fire of conflict further – follow the truth with links and real evidence

Most of the pictures accompanying the Karenik tragedy have nothing to do with Darfur or Sudan, or are from old Darfurian happenings unrelated to Karenik in April 2022 AD.

+ The image of the crying man, which is very famous and widespread, and it is really from Al-Geneina, but its date is 2010 AD, the source:

+ This squatting woman is from South Sudan in 2016 AD after an attack on a Dinka village.

+ A photo dated 2020 AD from a village in southern Sudan, burial of the dead in an attack by hostile militias, and this photo is very widespread in posts about Darfur.

+ In 2018, a fire broke out in a local village of Kutum in North Darfur, and the image of a child was superimposed on the original image. Below, you will find the original image and the composite image, and the fake image is very prevalent in Crink News posts, April 2022 AD.

This composite image was used by news websites without verification, for example here is the Sudan Press website:

After the burning of Karenik, “A picture of a girl” reaps the sympathy of the masses…

+ A picture of a man inside a burnt hut, dated 2019 AD, from the village of Diliji, Darfur, and it has nothing to do with Karinak, April 2022 AD. This image is very widespread, and the news link is to the image:

+ Darfur, Deliji village, 2019 AD, a woman inside a burned hut

News link:

+ A picture of a child in the cemetery with her hands on her head, and this picture is from Somalia, dated 2016 AD, of the graves of children who died due to starvation, and this picture is found in many posts about Krink April 2022 AD.

+ A picture of the crying child alone, with burning heart, and she is from Nigeria, with a picture of a propaganda post that takes advantage of the picture, and the details are in the link to this previous post:

+ Funeral picture of Umm Kadada in 2019 AD: dead in a dispute between cousins ​​over a plot of land.

Ten people were killed in armed tribal clashes in the Um Kadada area in North Darfur. Sources in the region told (Al-Intibaha) yesterday that the accident occurred between two cousins’ teams, against the background of differences between them over plots of agricultural land. The disputes earlier led the cousins ​​to the courts to decide on the ownership of the lands, and the competent court had issued its decision to devolve these lands to one of the two parties, which was not acceptable to the other party.

News link:

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