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Dagalo Warns Against Agreements, Dialogues, and Initiatives Managed Under the Table

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Khartoum – 10/5/2022 — Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council, stressed the need for all Sudanese to participate in the dialogue process that is being arranged these days, and not to practice the approach of exclusion toward any component of the Sudanese people.

Lieutenant-General Dagalo, in his address today at the Republican Palace, warned the workers of the General Secretariat of the Republican Palace on the occasion of the blessed Eid Al-Fitr, of agreements, dialogues, and initiatives inside and outside managed under the table aimed at empowering certain parties and excluding others.

And continued by saying “we are a key player, nothing will be done without agreeing with the participation of all the sons and daughters of Sudan”, noting that those who carry out such conspiracies will pay the price and the situation will deteriorate, stressing that the participation of all the states of Sudan in the reconciliation process will be the only way out. 

He added, “Sudan is not Khartoum or three streets so that reconciliation is limited to them alone.” He confirmed that there is no problem between them and any party and that their only goal is for Sudan to be one bloc and its sons at the heart of one man, revealing a meeting during the past few days with a delegation from the Forces of Freedom and Change, and that he made it clear to the delegation that the goal should be to fulfill the people’s demands only, and added by saying “Our brothers in freedom and change say that they will not and did not meet the military, but a week ago they met me and I told them The important thing is not what we or you want, but what is important is what the people and the country want”.

Dagalo stated that he is honest with the people and will tell the truth without fear of anyone and will not participate in any conspiracy under the table being hatched against the interest of the Sudanese people. And the conspiracies do not make this country walk for me in front of me) and they declared their asceticism in power and their willingness to go to the barracks, provided that there is a comprehensive agreement that reconciles all the Sudanese people and leads the country to safety.

To that, General Dagalo called on the workers to stay away from politics and work to serve the interests of the people without taking sides, indicating that Sudan relies a lot on the professionalism and professionalism of the civil service in the renaissance of the country.

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