Rwanda and the Sudanese Dream

Mohammed Saad

I went through an old press report four years ago about the economic renaissance of Rwanda which coincided with a social renaissance in all aspects.

Having a look at the improvement of the raw GDP in Rwanda reveals that it doubled 10 times within 13 years (from US$900 million in 1994 to US$9.14 billion in 2017).

Rwanda has become one of the most important growing economies worldwide as it was classified by COMESA  as the top  African country in terms of attracting investments and businessmen and this had it’s reflected in all other indicators.

The poverty rate declined from 60% to 39% and the illiteracy rate from 50% to 25%. The average age of the individual raised from 48 to 64 years.

Rwanda occupied rank 44 globally and the first in Africa in an anti-corruption index. Rwandans have the feeling that nobody is above the law.

Let us hope that one of the journalists or academia writes one day in the future about the revival in Sudan. Why not? Sudan has all the revival potential from arable lands, geographic location, water resources, minerals, animal wealth, etc.

What we need is only to quit politics and sectarianism and to dedicate our efforts to building our beloved Sudan.

Within our endeavors to promote Sudan’s investment potential, we, in Brown land, will take the lead in promoting our investment potential to attract global investments.

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