The Chaos

Mohammed Saad

Even if the revolutionary forces took the governance lead, we will applaud them in the first month, then condemn them in the second and third months, after which we will work on aborting the reform of the state, then we go to the streets which do not betray. We are betraying each other.

There is only one way out and that is isolating the politics from the professionalism and effective performance.

The successive governments, since independence, did not learn the lesson from their predecessors. On the contrary revenge and empowerment were the main goals of the successive government in Sudan.

I studied at Al-Ahram Foundation in Egypt, which is a pioneering media institution with a special role in scientific research and media.  During my study, I recognized that the staff members have nothing to do about who is the President or his name. They just deal with the position of the President and not his name.

It is apparent now in Sudan that there is a now acting as a group of Sudanese resistance Committees have signed a charter (Peoples’ Power Charter) which stipulates putting an end to the military coups in the country, rejecting the partnership with the forces that oppose the revolution, and affirming the exclusion of the military institution from the political life.

Without fail, this charter will not be the way out of the Sudanese crisis because not accepting others who oppose you will lead to the continuation of chaos and backwardness which dominated our arena since independence. Exclusion of the military from the scene at this time might lead Sudan to disastrous internal wars which make the country on the edge of the abyss.

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