Why are we Gravely Concerned?

Muawad Mustafa Rashid

  • We are gravely concerned because the group that jumped over the back of the revolution and alleged that it is delegated from the public to run its battle against the unjust Salvation regime, proved to be unqualified and unable to shoulder its historic responsibility towards the nation.
  • Despite all the slogans we discovered that we are only facing a developed version of the power-hunger disease in which the politicians top their interests over the interests of the people.
  • We are gravely concerned because we did not listen to the warnings of the experts to avoid making partnerships with the military leaders considering that the military leaders are not honest.
  • We are gravely concerned because we did not recognize that the countries around us have no interest in establishing an actual democratic regime in Sudan. On the contrary, they all work to abort any attempt of the people in the region to return to the democratic path.
  • We are gravely concerned because nations are not built by slogans, but through strategic plans which are absent in our beloved Sudan.
  • We are gravely concerned because time is running out and by every passing day we are inching to normalization with the current situation and the status became more conflicted.
  • We are gravely concerned because the party which alleged that it is representing us is not brave enough to tell us the whole truth, and every day we discover that the devil of the details is surrounding us.
  • We are gravely concerned because the history tells us that the Sudanese elites are immune to any amendments and accountability and that the blood of the martyrs since independence till now did not find a just and impartial judiciary to punish the criminals.
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