A Precarious Juncture

Omer B. Abu Haraz

The situation is becoming more toxic. The gap between the warring factions is widening. The reason for this development is a calculated malicious campaign in electronic media. The campaign last week violated mischievous rumors opposing one group and alarming the other.

Rumors started with a statement that representatives of the international media started flying to Sudan to cover a very important event that will be disclosed within 5 days. Another saying is that America gave the military component a 72 hours ultimatum to relinquish power to the civilians. A third rumor that Saudi Arabia offered General Burhan a safe stay in KSA in a luxurious palace and finally a bilateral secret agreement between the military component and the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) was brokered by UNITAMS, America, and KSA to hand over the governance to FFC.

The messages of the malicious campaigns flooded cyberspace.

This campaign succeeded in appeasing most of the elements of the December Revolution. Everybody was anxious to hear the good news of the withdrawal of the military component from the scene.

On the other hand the bloc or group of the second FFC (The Charter Group) – Revolutionary Front, Arm Struggle troops, signatories of the Juba Peace Agreement, and ousted regime relics – were alarmed and started sending fiery messages threatening to invade the capital and turning the turbulent scene into a bloody one.

The calculated rumors campaign worked very well in widening the gap between the two blocs turning it into hostile and fiery rhetoric which gave rise to the greatly diminished ethical and hate statements.

Last week General Burhan rebutted the rumors campaign when addressing the top brass of the Army and Rapid Support Forces. He categorically rejected any idea of holding any bilateral agreement with the FFC (Central Council) and assuming that they will only quit the political scene after either a consensus between the factions or after general elections.

Now the situation is reversed. The FFC is greatly disappointed in preparing for an unprecedented rally on June 30 which might culminate in another sit-in and civil disobedience. This could turn to violent rallies and deadly confrontation with the security forces which could lead to a coup siding with the revolutionaries.

The other FFC, Arm Struggle Movements, and the Juba peace Agreement signatories are appeased and high voices against the UNITAMS and America are openly brandished.

The rumors campaign leaders are happy. They are those elements of the ousted regime. Their plot worked well and to the target.

So, the situation now is more tense and precarious opening the doors for all options.

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