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Agreement Signed to Stop Hostilities Between the Masalit and the Rizeigat

Dagalo: “Sudan Is Being Exposed to Unprecedented Conspiracies Sadly Being Weaved by Its Own Sons”

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Al-Geneina 25/06/2022 – Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, confirmed that Sudan is surrounded by unprecedented conspiracies made by its sons, indicating that this is due to the absence of a rational national vision that elevates the affairs of the country and that higher national interests prevail instead of Predominance of narrow partisan political interests.

Speaking today at the secretariat of the West Darfur state government in El Geneina, Dagalo said the signing ceremony of the document on cessation of hostilities and peaceful coexistence between the Masalit and Rizeigat tribes, in the presence and honor of the two members of the Sovereign Council, Dr. The delegation of the Executive Office of the Native Administration in Sudan and several notables of the two tribes, said that the Sudanese, at this difficult time, should manage their differences through dialogue and consultation among themselves, explaining that some foreign hands are working to demolish the temple on everyone’s heads.

Dagalo added that the cessation of hostilities document is the beginning of long and hard work to turn the page on the differences between the signatories to it, noting that the conflict that took place behind a bitter and painful human reality and caused the displacement of many of the people of the state, as it pushed them to live in state institutions in a way that humiliates human dignity.

The Deputy Chairman of the Sovereignty Council stressed that the homeland embraces everyone, stressing that the government will agree with the right without favoritism for any tribe or individual, and he said that everyone is equal before the law and that there is no discrimination because of color, race or tribe, and this is the approach that governs us and based on which we share the land to live in it together with respect for the moral right of the co-owners of the land.

“We admit that the state bears part of what happened, but you bear the greater part of these tragic situations because you encouraged killing, displacement, and displacement by protecting criminals and the fascinated,” Dagalo said.

He went on to affirm the determination to resolve all manifestations of chaos and insecurity, adding, “Either you accept each other and live in security and peace, and the state will impose its prestige and stop any tampering with the security and safety of innocent citizens, even if we use the force of law.”

Dagalo explained that the civil administration has the biggest role in addressing small problems before they grow and are difficult to solve, calling for the need for the permanent presence of the leaders of the civil administration with their families to carry out the tasks of raising awareness and reporting criminals and saboteurs.

Dagalo indicated that a decision was issued not to leave the civil administration of his locality without prior permission from the Acting Director, and not to leave the region without the permission of the governor, and said this is a decision that decision-makers will not be complacent about.

The Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council said that strict decisions were issued for the security services to deal with any evaders decisively and not to tolerate the aggressors, and pointed out that the coming days will witness the arrival of joint forces to join the forces in the state to work on establishing security and securing the agricultural season, villages and camps.

Dagalo explained that they had held extensive meetings with representatives of the displaced and the elders of the camps, in the presence of the local administration and the state government, as the security committee, as well as recording a visit to Krindaq camp and finding out about everything big and small, and making arrangements with the state government and the local administrations to help in the voluntary return next to security and the provision of the necessary services that were appointed. To return and facilitate people to lead their normal lives.

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