Al Neelain University Students Organize Taku Exhibition

Idress Osman

Al Neelain University students have organized an exhibition called the Taku (Japanese) is a Japanese word that describes people with consuming interests, particularly in anime, manga, video games, or computers. The idea is new in Sudan and particularly to University students. 

The Taku Club idea came from a student at the University Student who studied History department, Founded the club in 2021 with two of his colleagues. 

Mohammed Wadi says he started the idea of the club long ago but didn’t succeed, “we had inaugurated our club with three people and now we are 30 members & each of us has his own duty and the new students get involved.”

The Taku show exists at other Sudanese Universities, but the students of the Art College are more engaged in general. Sudan is one of most Arab countries to have arts of Taku shows at the Universities levels 

The Objectives:

  • Spreading Japanese culture to the world
  • Help and assist the students in buying books & sheets for them
  • it has also a charity branch to aid communities and disabled people.

The registration manager at the club says that anyone interested to join us is highly welcomed not only by the University but by students as well. aiming at including whole segments of society and more, especially the youth. 

The exhibition shows real Sudanese youth’s talents of drawing, painting, arts, coloring, poems, songs, films, and artificial intelligence. 

Sidgg Babakir is the media coordinator at the club & said that this show is good in terms of the number of participants from in and out of our University. He goes on to add, “we are seeking cooperation with the Japanese embassy in Khartoum because we are reflecting their culture and sharing it with them.”

The exhibition was organized last March at the College of Art.

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