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Dagalo Calls on Political Forces that Did Not Participate to Give Priority to the Country’s Supreme Interest

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KHARTOUM – 06/08/2022 — The Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant-General Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, called on the political forces that are absent from the dialogue, facilitated by the tripartite mechanism, to participate and give priority to the country’s higher interest and to engage in dialogue.

Dagalo said in a tweet on his official account on the social networking site “Facebook”, that the direct dialogue between the Sudanese parties aims to reach a national consensus to complete the remainder of the transitional period.

The Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council saluted the national forces that participated in today’s session and affirmed support for the tripartite mechanism as a facilitator for the Sudanese-Sudanese dialogue.

He pointed out that there is no alternative to dialogue but the dialogue to achieve a national consensus that paves the way for building a better future for our country.

Dagalo praised the efforts of the tripartite mechanism and the brotherly and friendly countries that support and support the Sudanese people.

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