Foreign Minister Receives Ambassadors of Yemen and Saudi Arabia

Khartoum – The acting Foreign Minister, Ambassador Ali Al-Saddiq, received on Wednesday the Ambassadors of Yemen and Saudi Arabia to Sudan, Omer Abdalla Al-Mudawi, and Ali bin Hassan Ja’afar, and discussed the latest developments in the Yemeni issue and the role of the Arab coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen for reaching an agreement to end the suffering of the Yemeni people.

 The two ambassadors affirmed their appreciation of the great role that Sudan has been playing in the coalition.

The meeting also touched on the crisis of the Safir Reservoir and the threats posed by the dam for a serious environmental, economic and humanitarian crisis if it explodes or a leakage occurred at it.

The Ambassadors of Yemen and Saudi Arabia have welcomed Sudan’s joining to the countries ratifying the Charter of the Council of Arab and African States bordering the Red Sea.

The meeting emphasized the need to continue coordination in all the areas and issues of common concern.

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