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Military Committee and Tripartite Dialogue Mechanism Hold their Second Consultative Meeting

Announcing the Launch of Direct Dialogue Next Week

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Khartoum 01/06/2023 – Today, at the Republican Palace, the second consultative meeting of the Military Committee was held under the chairmanship of the Vice-President of the Sovereign Council, Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamadan Dagalo, and the membership of the two members of the Council, Lieutenant-General Shams Al-Din Kabashi and Lieutenant-General Ibrahim Gaber Ibrahim, and the tripartite facilitating mechanism for the Sudanese dialogue, consisting of the United Nations, the African Union, and the IGAD countries, With the participation of the Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Head of the Integrated Mission to Assist the Transition in Sudan (UNITAMS), Mr. Volker Perthes, the Representative of the African Union in Khartoum, Ambassador Mohamed Belaish, and IGAD envoy Ismail Weiss.

Ambassador Mohamed Belish, the representative of the African Union in Sudan, the official spokesman for the mechanism, said in a press statement that the meeting, which was characterized by a positive and constructive spirit, dealt with issues related to the direct dialogue expected next week, between the Sudanese stakeholders, to reach a consensus to arrange the wheel of governance. in the country, in a manner that meets the desire of the Sudanese people towards civil democratic transformation and the building of a new Sudan.

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