Press in the Specialization Era

Mohammed Saad

In the recent few years, especially in the modern and developed countries, the phenomenon of specialized periodicals and newspapers emerged, and with an increase in education added to the advancement of science and technology subspecialties came to the surface.

Because the press is considered one of the humanities and social science besides its being an industry, it coped with the era of specialization. One of the latest studies in the USA said that the specialized periodicals around the globe amounted to 70800 covering 542 specializations. Such figures indicate that specialized magazines, newspapers, and periodicals are dominating the arena. We now find magazines concerned with agriculture, medicine, and services besides the existing general press which covers politics, culture, and sports.

Accordingly, it is natural that scientists and researchers in press and communication started concentrating on this new phenomenon.

Now it became a must for the press to reflect those specializations, and to come out with a specialized press that adapts to the personal demands of its readers.

The specialized press emerged to cover the need of certain categories and certain topics, so the specialized press is an important part of the scientific, professional, cultural, and intellectual moves of the communities.

Although the ordinary masses do not prefer to buy a socialized magazine for instance, as they prefer the papers that include various topics, still there is a need for specialized periodicals.

In this regard, we in Brown Land will try our best to cover as much specialization as we can to meet the requirements of our esteemed readers and to make all of them satisfied with the articles we publish.

We call on everybody who has an article that he thinks of interest to send it to use and we will publish it for the benefit of all.

Thank you.

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