Shame on You!

Osman Mirghani

It seems that the bitter situation of the Sudanese people is not only behind the walls of the nation. Several videos were aired from various countries showing new images of Sudanese people with their distinguished white dresses, turbans, and other accessories of the Sudanese dress begging at the stop lights or standing after the prayers in the mosques asking the worshippers to help them in some Gulf States.

In neighboring Egypt several scandals of some Sudanese residing there were aired, and all of us saw how our dignity was tarnished by some of our nationals.

I am not asking the government to protect our dignity because the government itself is part of the crisis which led to those horrible scenes, but I am ringing an alarm bell for all of us to protect our goodwill and dignity.

Our embassies abroad are hopeless in stopping such scandals, and the security measures in Sudan in organizing the travel of Sudanese abroad are difficult to be applied because there are several methods to escape such measures.

It is wise to recognize that the remedy is here inside Sudan. I don’t mean to provide the people with all their needs and luxuries to make them convinced that Sudan is better, but I mean that we should practice planting the hope in a bright future that might come soon.

We need to recover our institutional defect to allow our citizens to keep up with their dignity.

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