Sudan Independence (2022)

Mohammed Saad

I am very astonished by the practices of the international community on Sudan through imposing guardianship on all the Sudanese life aspects since independence.

Yes, since independent Sudan did not get its independence literally, as I believe that it is a fictitious independence, and the evidence for this is the strong domination imposed by the international community on Sudan and its placement in the category of the least intelligent student who does not know his interest.

What is strange here is that this guardian gives instructions and directives which he doesn’t apply to himself such as the illusion of human rights which is considered one of the most important cards in pressing on the occupied nations like Sudan and the first pretext for foreign intervention.

Calls on the government of Sudan to self-control through using the least force against the protestors recently emerged on the surface, while we all see how those guardians deal with the protestors in their countries. Perhaps they call on our police and other regular forces to receive the protestors with bouquets of flowers and kisses every time they blockade a street, burn a facility or injure a policeman with a stone.

It is high time for the government to impose its prestige on the foreign countries and not to allow blatant interference in our internal affairs, as is happening now from Volker and his cohorts; then it can be said that Sudan has become independent in the year 2022.

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