Sudan to Host First African/Arab Corporate Social Responsibility Conference for Basic Rights of Children

Haffiya Abdalla 

The National Council for Child Welfare NCCW in association with the Ministry of Social Development is organizing The First African/Arab Corporate Social responsibility Conference for Basic Rights of Children (CSR Children), under the slogan ” society that supports children and preserves their basic rights” on 1-3 August 2022 at the Friendship Hall- Khartoum-Sudan.

The conference aims to establish the basic rights of Children in accordance with corporate social responsibility in line with sustainability development. 

The conference is an interactive demonstration from all business sectors, business people, the public Sector, National and international Humanitarian Aid Organizations, and UN Agencies to highlight their roles in both CSR and sustainability development, particularly towards children’s basic rights and children’s programs and projects implementation. 

The conference provides an opportunity for all businessmen and organizations alike to demonstrate their experiences and implementation toward children in the matter, however, Sudan is expecting a great outcome to raise the awareness of all sectors to contribute to children’s basic rights and welfare needs.

The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Jibril Ibrahim, said that the phenomena of homelessness and drop-out of school, on a large scale in the country, are caused by poverty and hunger.

He said during the launching of The First African – Arab Corporate Social responsibility Conference for Basic Rights of Children that the child has the right to obtain a birth certificate for free,  

He called for attention to motherhood and said that caring for a child requires attention to pain.

 He stressed the need to find a space for free education and treatment for all children, stressing the importance of spending on children and generously supporting social insurance to cover all health services, providing quality education, spending more broadly for the teacher, and caring for the school environment.

The Minister of Social Development, Ahmed Adam Bakheet, affirmed the continued support of the Arab and African worlds in children’s issues.

Stating that social responsibility is shared by the public and private sectors, calling on the private sector to contribute to addressing the negative phenomena related to childhood.

The Secretary-General of the National Council for Child Welfare, Dr. Abdul Qader Abdullah Abu, said that the conference aims to consolidate a comprehensive understanding of the reference and objectives of the role of social responsibility toward the child in Sudan and to raise awareness and alert all sectors of the government, the private sector, and national and foreign organizations to play a major role in supporting children through the social responsibility clause and work to support programs for children.

He stressed the need to establish and support an investment and development fund for the National Council for Child Welfare for the benefit of childhood projects and programs in Sudan.

Saudi Ambassador to Sudan, Ali bin Hassan Jafar, called for concerted efforts for children’s rights to make them the best leaders of countries, noting that the regulations in force in the Kingdom ensured the protection of children’s rights, and dedicated efforts at the national level to contribute to the promotion and protection of children’s rights.

He pointed out that the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 reflects the great interest that the Kingdom attaches to human rights, stressing that the Kingdom’s policy is concerned with the rights of the child wherever he is and is not limited to its citizens only, based on the Kingdom’s humanitarian role, as it harnesses efforts to support children from siblings through humanitarian aid and health and service projects, besides International coordination with friendly countries and organizations to intensify efforts to protect children’s rights.

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