The Saudi Appearance Is Most Welcomed

Omer B. Abu Haraz

It was clear from the beginning of the onset of the declaration of convening a dialogue between the civilian and military components of the revolution to restore and break the present political impasse, that the dialogue will not be productive. The controversial tripartite mechanism 9.e. UNITAMS, AU, and IGAD unexpectedly called for the first session of a dialogue between the warring factions. 

On very short notice the tripartite mechanism informed the factions that the first session will be held after 72 hours in Rotana Hotel albeit the negative response of the major component of the impasse – The Resistance Committees (RCs),  Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) and the Communist Party. Elements of these major components declared openly and steadfastly their categorical boycotting of the dialogue.

It was clear that the hurriedly decided timing of the dialogue will not continue because it started lurching on one foot, the right strong foot was missing.

Those who attended the first session were so united in all aspects that do not justify conducting any dialogue between them. They were the military component and the civilian factions who staged the famous sit-in around the palace 11 months ago. They were calling the military component to stage a coup to oust the civilian government of the incubator of the gallant revolution of December 2018. Their demand was fully met by the coup of October 25tn, 2021 which revoked the major articles of the Constitution Document  (CD), which was set and agreed upon to govern the Transitional Period.

The coup apprehended the Prime Minister, Dr. Hamdok in a house arrest together with almost all leaders of the revolution who were imprisoned. Since that time, almost 7 months, the country is without a Council of Ministers and Prime Minister. The international and regional community immediately negatively reacted putting Sudan back into isolation. The African Union (AU) suspended the membership of Sudan, IMF, World Bank, and Paris Club and stopped all grants, loans, assistance, and even the HIPC initiative to Sudan.

At the onset of the October coup, the RCs led continuous, timed, and well-organized rallies in the streets of the capital and other big cities.

The situation turned to a precarious stand-off no closer to being resolved.

The stand-off is spinning out of control and might soon develop to spiraling out of control posing a real threat to the peace, security, and solidarity of Sudan.

That is why the international community – UN, EU, Troika, and AU – expressed their concern and anxiety about the near future in Sudan. America sent a top official, the Assistant Secretary of State, who stayed for five days last week. Her intervention led to the suspension of the one-session dialogue. She met with the RCs and with three representatives of the military component and three from the Original FFC in the residence of the Saudi Ambassador.

In a correction step, the tripartite mechanism held a meeting with the FFC last Friday after which it declared the suspension of the dialogue of Rotana Hotel. It seems that America is highly concerned about the situation in Sudan and more worried than any other country of a possible slipping into dreadful scenarios of anarchy or a coup leaning to the left spectrum of the political warring factions, especially among the rumors of the clandestine presence of Russia in the gold mining activities and its interests in the 853 kilometers coastal borders in the Red Sea.

This might explain the sudden appearance of Saudi Arabia in the picture as manifested by a secret short visit of top Saudi officials who met with General Burhan only for three hours and also the unexpected involvement of the Saudi Ambassador who hosted the informal meeting between FFC and the military component in his residence last week. The Red Sea to Saudi Arabia is a Red Line. It cannot tolerate any instability or Russian involvement on its western coastal borders.

An unexpected deal will be brokered which will break the deadlock and Saudi Arabia will be the prime player in the deal. Historically, Saudi Arabia stands positively with Sudan sparing no effort to give a helping hand to the people of Sudan.

So their involvement is most welcomed because it is genuine.

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