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TSC President Addresses the Sudanese Nation

Affirming his Commitment to Work with all Components of the People to Build a State of Democracy and Dignity.

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Khartoum 07/06/2022 – The face of the President of the Sovereignty Council. The transitional team, the first corner, Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan today, addressed the Sudanese nation. In it, he affirmed his commitment to work with all components of the Sudanese people to ensure the realization of their dreams and aspirations in building a state of democracy and dignity. The state of freedom, peace, and justice. Below is a translation of the speech:

Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon His messengers.

Dear Sudanese people, I greet you with the best greetings.

I am addressing you today while our country is going through a transitional phase, resulting from the lack of consensus in it, which threatens the security and safety of the homeland and the citizen. This prompted many of the country’s people and its various entities, sensing the imminent dangers, to present initiatives and suggest treatments and solutions that would restore the state’s cohesion and instill reassurance in the hearts of its people. In response to the demands of the stage, most national forces of all stripes responded to the call for dialogue facilitated by the tripartite mechanism consisting of the African Union, IGAD, and the United Nations Mission (UNITAMS), which announced its start tomorrow, God willing.

Respected Citizens,

As a military component, we have committed ourselves, committed and pledged since April 2019, to work with all components of the Sudanese people to ensure the realization of their dreams and aspirations in building a state of democracy and dignity, a state of freedom, peace, and justice.

We affirm our full commitment to work with everyone to bring the transitional period to an end as soon as possible, which is free and transparent elections in which the people choose who governs them. To an end in which we all agree on what preserves and preserves the security of our beloved country and relieves our people of what has befallen them during the past three years in which they have been patient and sacrificed, with the most precious possessions of their youth and effort, without achieving their goal. Rather, his suffering increased and his wounds deepened.

Honorable citizens,

The dialogue that will start tomorrow, God willing, is a historic opportunity to complete the transitional phase so that it can proceed according to the aspirations of the Sudanese people. Therefore, I hope and ask the various components involved in this dialogue to take the initiative to respond and not stand in the way of sustaining the transition and democratic transformation, because the nation and its people deserve to rise above our differences and place and raise their status, unity and security above all our partisan, regional or personal requirements. We in the military and security system, and out of our belief in democratic transformation, we renew our commitment to work to implement the outcomes of the dialogue and we renew in advance our keenness to distance the military institution from the political battlefield, as soon as the requirements for this are met, namely the national consensus facilitated by the tripartite mechanism or the elections, which are the legitimate tool for the transfer of power

Proud Sudanese people,

I take this opportunity to thank the friends of Sudan who support the transition and the completion of the democratic transition. I especially thank the friends and neighboring countries that stand by the people of Sudan, and thanks to the tripartite mechanism and all those who sought and contributed to the process of transition leading to a state of freedom, peace, and justice.

I hope for mercy and forgiveness for the martyrs of my country.

And I extend greetings and salutations to our guards, who protected its land and sky. May there be shame and defeat for everyone who tries to stop the march of my people.

Peace, mercy, and blessings of God.

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