“Unofficial Meeting”: Is it Enough?!

Osman Mirghani

The phrase “Unofficial Meeting” was the phylactery that the Forces of Freedom and Change have chosen to justify its meeting with the military component in response to the USA/Saudi request.

Of course, nobody can explain the technical meaning of “unofficial meeting” and what is its difference from the (official meeting) in the present Sudanese political scene.

The FFC issued several official statements and held two press conferences in less than 12 hours to absorb any reversals or headwinds from the youth who are still taking to the streets since the 25th October coup.

In its press conference, the FFC tried to keep its contact with the youth by affirming that the meeting with the military component aimed at bringing an end to the military coup and handing the complete governance to the civilians.

The question that poses itself is what about the first track which the trio mechanism (UN/AU/IGAD) had launched last Wednesday with other political components?

The answer provided by the US embassy is that the  FFC meeting with the military component under the auspice of the USA and Saudi Arabia is not an alternative to the trio mechanism track, but a parallel track with the same objectives.

It is apparent that the trio mechanism is avoiding to state that the political components which met last Wednesday are only eager for power-share without any popular support, but those political components were supportive of the ousted regime.

To sum it up we can say that the trio mechanism managed to throw a stone into the still water by its launching Wednesday meeting followed by the recent (unofficial meeting) with the FFC.

The FFC should work hard to make the negotiations with the military component a success otherwise the youth who are taking to the streets will never forgive its move of the (unofficial meeting).

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