After General Al-Burhan’s Speech

Dr. Elshafie Khidir Saeid

If I was asked to comment on Al-Burhan’s speech of last July the 4th, I will say the speech came in response to the escalating and continuous public pressure & protests for more than eight months, and the political and civil forces should stop acting as commentators and move quickly to take actions, not reactions, to liquidate the 25th of October coup to restore the course of the transitional period as drawn by December revolution, as well as to exert every possible effort to join hands with the resistance committees. I believe the following points may help:

First, the civilian forces have to overcome the state of fragmentation and reunite according to a new formula for joint action. In this regard, I think the 1st of July declaration, signed by 23 associations, is in the right direction. A similar move is needed to restore the healthy relationship between the political forces and armed movements signatories to the Juba Peace Agreement. Also, the political forces should immediately engage in a direct dialogue with the SPLM/Alhilu, and the SLM/Abdelahid Nour, so that the two movements participate actively in restoring the path of the transition period.

Second, the political and civil forces should draft a new constitutional, the essence of which is a complete break with the military-civilian partnership formula that was in place and has proven to be a failure, and that the sovereign and executive powers are fully in the hands of non-partisan civil competencies, as well as the reformation of Judicial bodies, independent national commissions, and the National Security Council, with a precise definition of the tasks and powers, including those of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

Third, to agree with the resistance committees on the formation of a transitional legislative council, composed of all forces except the National Congress Party and its affiliates. The council is to undertake, by consensus, the establishment of transitional governance institutions.

Fourth, concerning the tasks of the transitional period, which we propose to have a duration of two years, we see the following as the main priority:

  1. Reviewing & reversing all the measures taken by the 25th of October coup.
  2. Expediting the investigation of the violence and killings that took place during the demonstrations and processions, and bringing the perpetrators to justice.
  3. Continue dismantling the Ingaz regime, after restructuring the concerned committee and providing it with expertise and qualified legal cadres.
  4. To bring to justice any of the Ingaz regime pillars who committed a crime against the homeland and the citizens.
  5. Expediting the completion of the mission of the National Committee investigating the crimes committed on the 3rd of June 2019 during the dispersal of the sit-in.
  6. Initiating, in coordination with the initiatives of the families of martyrs and victims, the transitional justice and procedures.
  7. Restructuring the state institutions, under the supervision of the legislative council, according to the principles of the fair distribution of opportunities, competence, and eligibility.
  8. Continuing to implement the Juba Peace Agreement according to agreed priorities, and seeking to complete peace with the SPLMovement/Alhilu and the SLM/Abdelahid Nour.
  9. Convening the conference on Eastern Sudan as well as the conference on Darfur.
  10. Developing an economic program that adheres to the social role of the state, and restoring the relationship with international financial institutions and donors.
  11. Improving Sudan’s external relations and moving away from the axes, with a focus on neighboring countries.
  12. Holding the constitutional conference during the first half of the second year of the transitional period.
  13. Organizing the elections.
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