Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

Osman Mirghani

There is no use in being upset over situations that have already happened and cannot be changed.

What is required now is an urgent solution to put the country in a new phase to overcome the present political and security crisis.

According to the road map proposed by the President of the Sovereign Council on the 4th of July 2022, the civilians should agree to the formation of an executive government, after which he will issue a decree to dissolve the Sovereign Council and return the military to the Sudanese Armed Forces Supreme Council and the Rapid Support Forces.

By this, the demands of the revolutionaries are responded to and the army will be out of the political and executive arena.

So what is exactly required now is to agree on a prime minister who is supposed to form the government.

I think there is no need to enter into the dilemma of lengthy negotiations under the supervision of the trio-mechanism, but there should be representatives of only four groups i.e. Forces of Freed and Change (the Central Council), peace signatories, families of the martyrs and the resistance committees and the fourth the historical political parties

This quadruple committee should meet to select a prime minister from outside the political parties.

The selected prime minister is to form a government to be presented to the legislative council for endorsement.

The legislative council should be formed from 100 MPs to represent the important sectors in the society e.g. de=iplomat, professionals, farmers, expatriates, national administrations, peace signatories, businessmen, etc.

Those selected MPs could be able to complete the structure of the government institutions such as the constitutional court, Chief justice, and the commissions.

All the issues that require deliberations are to be discussed by the legislative council who is supposed to endorse the elections law and other legislation.

It is wise to look at this step within the sequence that it addresses the structures’ problems and not the disputed issues which could be postponed till the formation of the elected parliament.

I believe that the international community will support such steps especially after the army quit the political scene, and international investment and partnerships will resume putting the country on the right track towards sustainable stability.

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