Himidti Succeeded In What Others Failed to Do

By: Al-Sammani Awadallah

The ongoing visit of the Vice President of the Sovereign Council, 1st Lt. Gen Mohamed Hamdan Daglo (Himidti)to West Darfur State and his stay there for long time is subject to unjustifiable criticism from those who do not want Sudan to be stable.The unjustifiable criticism continued after Himidti came to Khartoum and then returned to West Darfur after the break of Eid Al-Adha last Saturday. Those who criticized the stance of Daglo said that the man is escaping from the reality in which Sudan is living, thinking that greater Khartoum is the whole Sudan without recognizing that Darfur is an important part of the country.The successes of HimidtiIt goes without saying that the visit of Himidti has achieved its noble goals in a considerably short time as it is observed that the man managed to stop the bloody clashes and bring back social stability to the area as all the popular anger and hatred which dominated the arena have stopped.The visit led to bringing about control and imposing the rule of law as Himidti is accompanied by prosecutors and lawyers to allow people resort to law, hence cementing the justice principles.Another objective of the visit is that it lays the foundation of mending the social fabric, peaceful coexistence, renouncing hate speech and tribalism. According accepting other has become a reality a matter that paves the way for the return of the situations to normality in living the peaceful coexistence on the ground.’Honest observers to the visit of Himidti to West Darfur State affirmed that it paved the way for the voluntary repatriation of the IDPs who fled the area after the tribal confrontations. Himidti visited the Humanitarian Aid Commission warehouses in Al-Geenaina city to stand on the volume of the humanitarian assistance and shelter in preparation for the voluntary repatriation.Himidit was acquainted about the procedures and steps taken towards the gradual voluntary return of the IDPs of Kerending IDPs camp in Al-Genaina city following the administration and security arrangements which was taken earlier.He directed, during his visit to the camp, the deployment of joint forces and check points in order to provide security and protect the people from the outlaws through the rapid response and arresting the criminals.He stressed the necessity of permanent existence of those forces in their check points to ban any violations or insurgency in the area, reiterating the keenness of the government to impose the rule of law without any slack.Added to that, the visit has achieved several services and developmental successes to deal the dire economic conditions which he referred to in his statement of last Friday. Those achievements will have its considerable contribution in the security arrangements, achieving stability and social peace.

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