Importing Ethics from China!

Mohammed Saad Kamel

I received a cordial invitation from the Chinese government to participate in a program designed for media people from all over the globe aiming at giving a chance for them to see the reality, transparency, and trustworthiness of the country.

When I arrived in China, I expect to be astonished by the latest technology, buildings, and the growing industrial economy, but what amazed me is the people of China and a great deal of love for all nationalities besides the deep-rooted hospitality and seriousness in their work.
Jamal was the first key to recognizing the nature of the Chinese people.

He is one of the Chinese assigned to assist the visiting envoys. In all my life I didn’t deal with such a person who devoted himself to helping everybody in patience with the energy of ten people to help the visiting envoys and answering their questions. I always ask myself that if we find 50 people like Jamal the country could revive and catch up with the modern states.
Countries around the globe benefit from the Chinese products and technology, but for me, I think it would be more useful if those countries study the personality of the Chinese citizen and try to follow suit his seriousness, norms, and effort.

It is easy for any country to produce modern technology if the required raw materials are available, but it is very difficult to produce conceptions, norms, and traditions for its citizens that urge them to work with high ethics.

Man is the secret behind the development of China and its achieving such a high rank among the great powers in all aspects.

I believe that China should work out a plan to export the nice personal conduct and the norms of the Chinese people to the rest of the world.

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