May our Eid Be Blissful and Bright

Mohammed Saad Kamel

It is only three days that separate us from celebrating Eid Al-Adha. people are living between feeling joyful about its approach and fear of the price hikes of lambs. Sometimes you hear the good news that the exportation of livestock this year is less than the previous ones a matter that means that the prices will be reasonable this Eid, but also you hear that due to the high prices of fodder the purchase of one lamb will cost around SDG 100,000.

In all cases the morning of Eid in Sudan is different, especially in the rural areas, so most people prefer to travel to their home villages to enjoy Eid with their extended families there because it is boring in greater Khartoum.

We in Brown land seize this opportunity to extend our sincere congratulations to Muslims all over the globe in general,  the Sudanese people in particular, wishing all a blissful and bright Eid.

Congratulations are extended to the leaders of our beloved Sudan, hoping that they lead the country steadily towards development and prosperity to achieve the aspiration of the people. This could only be through dealing with the previous negative aspects, and unification of the ranks by providing all possible concessions to come out with an agreed-on national program.

Our congratulations are extended to the columnists of Brown Land who spared no effort to contribute their opinion master-pieces of awareness for the benefit of our esteemed readers, including and not limited to, Consultant Eng. Omer Al-Bakri Abu Haraz, Dr. Elsharie Khidir Saeid, Dr. Al Yassir Al-Obeid, Mr. Mekki El-Mograbi, Mr. Wahba Diab, Mr. Muawad Rashid, Ms. Haffiya Abdallah Elyas and of course the executive secretary, Mr. Abudigana Altahir and our senior designer Mr. Khalid Awad.

We hope that Brown Land continues its mission successfully with the support of our esteemed readers.

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