After the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Globe Is Burning

Mohamed Saad Kamel

Smokes everywhere indicate fire, on the ground, honor, dignity, and humanity. The mortuaries are crowded with corpses of children instead of their sitting in the classrooms. There are no more flowers, except at the graves of the dead, and the mass burial ceremonies are continuing.

Russia invades Ukraine, and the latter defends. China condemns, Taiwan condemned, Gaza screams and Israel justifies. France desires to nominate an ambassador for the gays and Sudan is suffering from its internal conflicts. Egypt threatens Ethiopia. Iraq is still rupturing. In Libya and Yemen, the dead bodies are on the streets. The Iranian army airs a video showing the practical experiments for suicidal drones made in Iran.

The confirmed cases of Monkey Pox reached 6326 in the USA.

Serbia and Kosovo are preparing to fight each other.

However, reflections on politics indicate two things with the globe heading to a great shift that will reshape its future.

The first is the essence of forming a new multi-axes order to replace the existing one-axis order led by the American Administration. An order which is based on the actual sovereignty of the nations and civilizations under the umbrella of China and Russia.

The second is the domination of the US economy at any price and that started with the decision of the US Administration to provide Saudi Arabia and the UAE with a missile defense system worth US$5.3 billion.

All fire revolves around the above two things.

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