Attempts to Ignite Strife on the Sudanese/Chadian Borders

Al-Sammani Awadallah

The attempts to compromise the peace and stability in Darfur are continuing and the stalkers are trading with the blood of the people of Darfur. They will not stop their plots because they benefit from the disability of the region to serve their narrow interests.

Those stalkers ignited the strife again after the Vice President of the Transitional Council, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Daglo managed to extinguish the fire of strife. Their attempt this time was to create a kind of tension on the borders to coincide with the visit of the Vice President and the visit of the Chadian Defence Minister to Khartoum. Which aimed at strengthening the security coordination between the two countries, especially in the bordering zones.

Despite the security coordination between the two countries, armed Chadian assailants crossed into West Darfur province and attacked a group of nomads staying in an open area near the border towns of Beir Saliba and Ardeiba last Thursday.

Apart from those killed, several nomads were also wounded in the attack, and their livestock was looted and taken to Chad.

A Sudanese outlet, Darfur 24 news, reported a minor clash Friday between Chadian and Sudanese forces in the area, saying three Sudanese troops were wounded.

Vice President of the Sovereign Council, 1st Lt. Gen. . Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo had traveled to Chad before the attack for a previously scheduled meeting Thursday with Chad’s acting president and head of the country’s ruling transitional military council, Mahamat Idriss Deby.

He then returned to Darfur where he has resided for weeks to help defuse tribal tensions and violence that has rocked the troubled region in recent months.

Dagalo attended the funerals of the slain nomads on Friday and urged tribal leaders and residents in West Darfur for restraint. On Saturday, he met with a Sudanese-Chadian joint committee and held talks with local officials and tribal leaders to prevent a further escalation.

Sudan has called on Chad to find the attackers and return the looted livestock and the Vice President, Dagalo has revealed actions taken by the Chadian government to return the looted livestock, adding that they found a Chadian counterpart. Pointing out that a high-level Chadian delegation will come to Sudan to offer condolences, revealing an imminent meeting of the Sudanese/Chadian joint forces in the (Berak) area.

Dagalo criticized the statements of the representative of the joint forces for the Chadian part, adding that it contained wrong information.

Dagalo said that there are parties that are working to ignite strife between the brothers of the two countries, adding that those are attempting to send negative messages to raise the tensions between the two countries.

He pointed to the recent decisions taken by the Supreme Security and Defence Council in its emergency meeting in which it stressed the necessity of strict l on the joint borders with neighboring Chadian to preserve the warm relations between the two countries and to promote the mutual interests.

He hailed the cooperation of the families of the victims, calling for self-control and discipline besides not responding to any provocation from any party, affirming that the government will exert all possible efforts to avoid repeating such incidents by controlling the joint borders.

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