It is Not an Impossible Mission

Osman Mirghani

The workshop organized by the Sudanese Bar Association over the constitutional framework came out with specific recommendations for the completion of the transitional period.

Last week, the Forces of Freedom and Change (National Accord) said that it completed 4 documents to complete the institutions and missions of the transitional period.

Sheikh El-Tayeb Al-Jid concluded its roundtable conference and came out with recommendations to accomplish the transitional period.

The Forces of Freed and Change (Central Council) said that it will conclude its consultations over the constitutional document which engineers the structure and mission of the remaining period of the transition.

Well, we have now 4 projects in the direction of structuring the remaining period of the transition and this is good and makes us optimistic considering that it is a competition to achieve one noble and national goal.

But the question that poses itself is how can those 4 programs be compiled to create a straight line supported by the people to come out with a strong transitional government able to overcome the past defects and puts Sudan a step forward in stability.

The mission seems to be easy, but at the same time difficult because each of our political forces are fond of initiatives and maneuvers since the independence of Sudan in 1956.

Our political parties are practicing excluding marathons that do not have their opponents or competitors.

Let us hope that our politicians raise above their narrow partisan interests and overcome all their differences to bring out our beloved Sudan from its crisis.

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