It is Time to Establish a Flood Research Centre!

Mohamed Saad

Every rainy season in Sudan torrential rains intensify causing flooding, destruction of infrastructure, houses, and livelihood, and leading to displacement and multiple locations across the country.

This year tens of people have died and hundreds of homes were destroyed in Sudan floods it reached the highest levels on record.

The record floods of 1946 and 1988 are considered the highest in Sudan’s history and they became the record according to which we compare what happens every rainy season.

When the floods reach a certain place any person can know the damages they will cause.

What is strange is that Sudan is yearly threatened by the torrential rains and the flooding of the rivers since 1946 or even before that, and despite that the successive governments did not think to establish a research center for torrential rains and floods.

The concerned institutions such as irrigation, water resource, and electricity which have several buildings and towers in Khartoum do not have an office to make studies and research on floods issues.

We do not think that it is a difficult task to establish a center or an institution for torrential rains and floods to follow up and prepare the studies, research, and guidance.

The proposed center can represent a strong link between the related institutions, besides coordination with the survey department to prepare a land use map to determine the low places which could be dangerous for building in it to avoid flooding and destruction.

The Sudanese Armed Forces with all its bright history should be part of the proposed floods research center due to its preparedness in case to intervene when things are out of control.

It is high time for the government to establish a center for floods researches as soon as possible to deal with the issue scientifically, besides enforcing the water harvest projects which are just on paper, added to that utilizing the advantages of the rainy season to the maximum and transforming the crisis into opportunities.

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