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Al-Sammani Awadallah

The renaissance of any nation could not be achieved unless there is a comprehensive educational process, good intention, high vigor, and a feeling of national responsibility.

As an example, Japan is tremendously growing in terms of technology and industry despite the fact that there are no natural resources in that country. The Japanese government set a strategy to revive education. Its education is not only to remove the reading and writing illiteracy, but the concern is to upgrade the mental capabilities of the students a matter that enabled Japan to make generations that can make the impossible possible.

India which was one of the poorest countries in Asia is now stepping forward toward innovation and invention a matter that makes it qualified to lead the renaissance in all aspects.

Sudan could have done so especially when the government started serious steps to spread education not only in urban areas but in rural areas through  Green Gezira Channel which started airing its cultural and guidance programs to the farmers via Barakat station.

It is good that the Ministry of Education emphasized the importance of the issue and launched Sudan Educational Channels under the leadership of A professional in the field, Dr. Arafa Sirelkhatim.

Dr. Arafa grew up in an educational environment as she toured all parts of the country accompanying her father who worked as an agricultural inspector at that time.

Dr. Arafa is the mother of the most renowned Sudanese female TV presenters and announcers on Arabic TV Channels i.e. Tasabeeh Khatir and Samah Khatir.

The selection of Dr. Arafa was not due to any reason except her cumulative experience.

The launching of the TV educational channels came at a time when Sudan is in dire need of such channels, especially during the present natural disasters and political crises which led to the decline of educational standards and academic achievement among the students.

The existence of such channels is considered an advanced step provided by the educational expert and Minister Mahmoud Sirelkhatim Al-Houri who adapted those channels to deliver an educational message which serves the advancement and renaissance.

A specific program was designed to make the rural areas benefit from those educational channels to the maximum, taking into consideration that the World Bank will provide the schools in the rural areas with TV sets to enable the students to follow up on the periods and the syllabus prepared by qualified and professional teachers.

It is high time for the Sudanese government, regardless of the political turmoil surrounding it, to pay attention to those channels and provide it with all possible support, besides removing any obstacles to enable it to conduct its mission professionally to catch up with the advanced countries and achieve the sustainable development.

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