No to Targeting the National Army

Mohamed Saad Kamel

The Sudanese army was established in 1925 and some of its battalions participated in WWII. The Sudanese army has its combat doctrine based on defending the homeland and preserving its sovereignty and national unity, besides its considerable role in providing services to civilians during natural disasters and maintaining security when required in cases of confusion and turmoil.

The officers and soldiers of the Sudanese army are highly respected within the Sudanese societies and every Sudanese joining the army is respected by the people.

But nowadays, and for the first time, the army is targeted by some politicians to serve their narrow agendas and to pressure the government to pass certain agendas by stirring up the collective sentiment of the people against the army, forgetting the importance of the army and the necessity of its existence in all countries.

Since the start of the Sudanese popular uprising in 2019, the political parties were attempting to consolidate their positions in governance by adapting the Machiavellian methodology to the extent of targeting the national army and misgiving its nationalism and loyalty to the homeland.

Such practice is very dangerous as it will have its reflection on the social and political components

It is recognized that some of those politicians were active in their diaspora against the Sudanese nation as they managed to convince the international community to impose an embargo on a matter that negatively affected the Sudanese people.

It is high time not to involve the Sudanese army in the absurd political conflict.

It is high time to boost the nationalism of the Sudanese army by considering it as an institution that doesn’t express any government but represents all the Sudanese people.

Thumbs up to our national army.

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