Shenyang Wencang Times Study Room

Mohamed Saad

Shenyang Wencang Times study Room was rebuilt from the old East Trade Warehouse, the first-generation warehousing park of the People’s Republic of China built in 1950. It is the oldest, largest, and best-preserved civil warehousing building in Shenyang. The East Trade Warehouse is also a precious historical industrial heritage of Shenyang. 

The study room is designed as an open and modern environment, with multiple business sections, integrating free book lending, coffee leisure, cultural and creative products, art education, literary salon, and life aesthetic space. 

Shenyang Wencang Times Study Room is a comprehensive cultural space of 5,500 square meters which owns thousands of books in the political, art, cultural and technological fields.

In addition to taking on the important task of reading culture, Shenyang Wencang Times Study Room has other regions such as cultural exhibitions, cultural and creative industries, and themed activities. 

The Study Room also has multi-functional lecture halls and conference rooms to meet the various needs of readers, for example, reading books, sightseeing and leisure, research education, and other different levels of needs, to make the functions of art appreciation and cultural services better.

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