The 6th Shenyang Cheongsam Cultural Festival Kicked off Yesterday

Under The Theme: “The Beauty of Cheongsam, the City is New”

Mohamed Saad Kamel

On August 22, the 6th Shenyang Cheongsam Cultural Festival was grandly opened under the guidance of the China National Textile and Apparel Council and sponsored by the Publicity Department of the Shenyang Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China.

The theme of this year’s Cheongsam Cultural Festival is “The beauty of cheongsam, the city is new”. Five sub-events will be held, namely: opening ceremony, the Beauty of Cheongsam, the City is New cultural creativity forum, the First Shenyang Cheongsam Cultural and Creative Design Exhibition in 2022 themed as Cheongsam Fanghua and Cheongsam City Show, the First Shenyang Cheongsam Cultural and Creative Design Competition, the Closing Ceremony and the Fourth China Customized Cheongsam Art Awards. These events will fully demonstrate Shenyang’s profound historical and cultural heritage, vivid cultural ecology, and flourishing cultural industries, and promote Shenyang’s construction of regional cultural and creative centers.

Visual Identity Logo Officially Released:

To better integrate the cheongsam culture with urban life, integrate the beauty of cheongsam with the charm of the city, and promote the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture, this cheongsam culture festival specially held the first Shenyang cheongsam cultural creative design in 2022 contest.

In line with the purpose of creating new demands, leading new consumption, and stimulating the new vitality of the cultural and creative industries and cultural tourism industries, the Cultural and Creative Competition brings together more than 200 entries from colleges, design companies, studios, and independent designers. These works are innovative, ingenious, and have a distinct sense of the times, showing the profound connotation of Shenyang cheongsam culture, interpreting the unique beauty of the combination of cheongsam culture and Shenyang’s urban development, and exploring from cultural and creative design to product development, appearance design, processing and manufacturing The direction of the extension of each link of the industrial chain.

At the opening ceremony, the visual image logo of the Shenyang Cheongsam Cultural Festival, one of the works of the Cultural and Creative Design Competition, was officially released. The LOGO adopts a symmetrical design on the left and right sides of the picture and text, with the lines of the cheongsam as the main line, supplemented by the auspicious cloud pattern, forming the “rose” shape of the flower of Shenyang. The auspicious cloud pattern expresses auspiciousness, joy, and happiness; the rose expresses the splendor and splendor of the city; “Chinese red” symbolizes enthusiasm, progress, and unity. The overall design of the LOGO adheres to the concept of “inheritance, practice, honor, beauty”, touches the urban humanistic context, highlights the city’s character, inherits the cheongsam culture, and promotes the spirit of the times and hope for better city life.

Influential Guests Discuss “Cheongsam and the City”:

At the opening ceremony, a cultural and creative forum on Cheongsam was held. He Yang, professor of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology and curator of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology National Costume Museum, Huang Xiaojing, deputy general manager of Tanggong Wenchuang Technology Group Co., LTD., and Man Yi, professor of Lu Xun Academy of Arts and senior scholar of Cheongsam culture, were invited to make important speeches.

He Yang, a longtime researcher on ethnic clothing, is the designer of the Beijing 2008 Olympic uniforms, torchbearers’ uniforms, and Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics uniforms. At the opening ceremony, He Yang gave an important speech titled “Traditional Change and Modern Narrative of Cheongsam with Hairpin light Temples and Shadow”. In recent years, “Banquet at the Palace of Tang”, “Longmen King Kong” and “Luo Shen Shui Fu” have repeatedly been “in the circle”. The Tang Palace’s cultural innovation has also been praised as “the promoter of Chinese traditional culture in the circle” by virtue of the above “national level” cultural IP. At the forum, Huang Xiaojing, deputy general manager of Tanggong Culture and Innovation Technology Group Co., LTD., explored the power of cultural IP with the theme of Sharing Life Aesthetics with the World. “The combination and application of the Beauty of Cheongsam and digitalization” is a new topic of Manyi. She shared the digital innovation of traditional dress with the guests under the title of “The Innovative Application of Traditional Dress in Digital Industry”.

Three important guests gathered in Shenyang to discuss hot topics such as the development of the Cheongsam industry, the export of urban culture, and polishing the golden signboard of Shenyang’s historical and cultural city. In his speech, he not only paid tribute to the traditional culture but also expressed his exploration and thinking on the path of urban development, which enabled the Cheongsam industry and urban development of Shenyang.

Five Activities that Show the Beauty of Cheongsam:

The opening ceremony of the sixth Shenyang Qipao Cultural Festival and the cultural and creative forum of “The Beauty of Cheongsam in the City”

Time: 14:00, August 22, 2022

Venue: Conference Hall B on the second floor of Shenyang New World Expo

Activity content: At the opening ceremony, the logo of Shenyang Cheongsam Cultural Festival was released, and a cultural and creative forum was held to deeply explore traditional culture, fully display the beauty of the city, actively create cultural ecology, and promote the construction of Shenyang regional cultural and creative center.

“Qiyun Fanghua” 2022 first Cheongsam cultural creative design exhibition

Time: August 22, 2022

Venue: Conference Hall B on the second floor of Shenyang New World Expo

Exhibition content: Display Cheongsam-themed cultural and creative products with Shenyang characteristics and Shenyang symbols to enhance the market influence and popularity of Shenyang Cultural and creative industries and products. The exhibits include precious collections of traditional cheongsam, modern cheongsam, and the works of national professional cheongsam clothing designers.

“The beauty of cheongsam: new city” cheongsam City show

Time: August 22-26, 2022

Venue: Wensheng Park, north market, Heping District, Bajiao Pavilion, middle street, Shenhe District, Labor park, Tiexi District, Times Square, Dadong District

Activity content: Showing the excellent traditional culture contained in a cheongsam and new Chinese clothing through model walk shows, providing a display and publicity platform for local cheongsam enterprises, and expanding the popularity and influence of the cheongsam Culture Festival.

The Beauty of a New City in Culture” 2022 the first Shenyang Cheongsam cultural and creative design competition

Time: July to August 2022

Activity content: extensively solicit Qipao-themed cultural and creative works, effectively link design and industry, promote the development of Shenyang’s cultural and creative industry, promote the renewal of urban culture, and help Shenyang build a regional cultural and creative center.

The Closing Ceremony of the sixth Shenyang Cheongsam Culture Festival and fourth China customized Cheongsam Art Award

Time: 19:00, August 26, 2022

Venue: China Industrial Museum

Activity content: 10 national famous cheongsam designers and brand representatives, as well as Shenyang local designers and brand representatives, will show their unique design concept, cultural connotation, and exquisite production process through model walk shows with their classic works, and bring people to appreciate the beauty of cheongsam and Shenyang City.

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