The Last Flood

Mohamed Saad Kamel

The recent flood disaster claimed – since last June – the lives of dozens and the injuries of thousands.

According to official statistics, thousands of houses were destroyed partially or completely along the destruction of a big number of public facilities and stores.

The National Council of Civil Defence in Sudan issued a statement affirming that the number of floods victims raised to 83 and 36 injured since last June.

The statement pointed out that the floods resulted in a complete collapse of 18,235 houses, 25,658 houses being partially collapsed, and damage to 57 public facilities and 69 stores.

It is worth noting that the Sudanese Council of Ministers had announced a state of emergency in 6 states due to the floods and heavy rains besides the level of the rivers scored high levels which did not happen in more than 70 years.

The above is the news about the floods of 2022 till the moment of writing this column.

The black comedy here is that the same news could be copied to be suitable and fit in the recent years and the upcoming years as well!

Since the independence of Sudan and the country is suffering the annual disaster of floods and heavy rains, Each year the same tragedy is repeated, and the same news is aired with a slight difference in the numbers of deaths and the collapsed houses.

As usual every year the rainy season is a surprise, blindsiding the Sudanese government and people despite the fact that all of us know that the rainy season starts in July and ends by the first or second week of October.

There are no precautionary measures to confront such disasters or at least reduce their negative impact, and as we said in a previous column that there should be a national center for flood research to deal with the issue.

We should hereby express our appreciation to the sisterly and friendly countries which sent hundreds of tons of humanitarian assistance to the affected areas including foodstuff, and tents, and at the same time, we should use these countries to provide our government with its expertise in planning and implementing the dams and reservoirs to turn the curse of the floods into blessing through utilizing the waters of the floods which will be collected in those dams and reservoirs.

It is also time to work out an emergency plan to be provided to the sisterly and friendly countries to fund a new urban planning project, especially for the areas located in the natural path of the floods.

By doing this we can say that this year’s flood will be the last which destroy the villages and public facilities.

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