The Longest Scam in History

Osman Mirghani

How many persons are members of the Sudanese political parties: 10 Thousand? Twenty Thousand? Fifty Thousand or even 100 thousand. What percentage do any of those numbers represent in the population of the country?

The real question is: Who represents the Sudanese people? Or let us be more accurate and say do all the political parties look for the interests of their memberships or the interests of the people of Sudan?

Political parties are indeed forums of political action regardless of the number of members compared to the population of the country, so we should work together in encouraging them to conduct their mission properly.

But frankly speaking, those political parties are not qualified to express the interests of the nation unless the people themselves can honestly express their interests.

Unfortunately, the Sudanese people are fond of slogans rather than demands.  They limited their enthusiasm in the revolutionary action related to our values but without linking it to productive action towards the aspired change and shifting the nation to the new reality.

It is high time for our elites to agree on joint interests in favor of the Sudanese people through the formation of a new relationship between the rulers and the ruled.

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