The Other Side of Beijing

Mohamed Saad

All the way in the city of Beijing, I notice the trees on both sides of the road, as hardly any place is devoid of trees of different types and colors, tall trees with tall buildings, as if they are in a relationship of friendship and love with these huge buildings, and they complement each other to form beautiful artistic paintings that mix between nature Stunning and modern architecture.

I recently went to visit Beijing Tangrenfang, which was established in 2004 to protect, bequeath, disseminate, and promote China’s intangible cultural heritage.

Officials say they are committed to promoting the development of traditional handicrafts in my country, improving people’s spiritual and cultural knowledge, and promoting traditional culture and national spirit.

Beijing Tangrenfang, which was established in 2004, also aims to protect the intangible cultural heritage culture and is a local enterprise specializing in the production and sale of intangible heritage Cotursi products known as the “Beijing Silk Man” and other derivatives of the Tang doll. 

It is committed to promoting the development of China’s traditional handicrafts, improving people’s spiritual cultural literacy, and promoting traditional culture and national spirit.

Tangrenfang allows the convergence of tradition and modernity, revitalizes the intangible cultural heritage, creates a cultural industry linked to the intangible cultural heritage that keeps pace with the times, and acts as the guardian of modern cultural heritage. It improves traditions and successfully integrates cultural heritage into modern life.

The “Tang Doll” craft is inherited from the cultural heritage practice of “Beijing Silk People” and like many traditional silk worker’s handicrafts it is compromised of red and blue three-dimensional makeup, twisted ornaments, and handmade flowers, handmade through dozens of processes and is exquisite in workmanship, has a lifelike air, a strong Chinese style that represents the authentic flavor of Beijing that tells the world a colorful Chinese story.

As with many traditional crafts of the Beijing silk people, it uses colorful make-up called three-dimensional art, twisted silk weaving, hair scraping, etc. It is handmade Through dozens of operations. It is meticulously made, vibrant in color, with a strong Chinese style and authentic Peking flavor. Telling the world the colorful Chinese story.

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