The Roundtable Conference: Will It Pay-Off?

Al-Sammani Awadallah

The Roundtable of Sudanese People’s Call for Reconciliation Initiative; led by   Sheikh El-Tayeb Al-Jid kicked off last Saturday with the participation of several political forces and other trends. The conference was boycotted by some recognized political forces on top of which are the Forces of Freedom and Change and the Resistance Committees.

Al-Jid sent invitations to all the political parties to participate in the initiative to reach a political agreement over running the transitional period and the formation of a technocrats government to come out of the present crisis of the country.

In his opening address, Sheikh Al-Jid called on all the Sudanese people to provide all possible concessions to make the future better, emphasizing the importance of completing the transitional period and the formation of a technocrats government to prepare for the stage of the election to affirm the peaceful transformation of power.

He warned against external interventions in Sudanese affairs, calling for adherence to the peace agreement between the government and the armed struggle movements.

Since October 25th, 2021 Sudan is witnessing popular rallies calling for the return of civilian rule and rejecting the exceptional procedures taken by the Chief-in-command of the Sudanese Armed Forces considering it a military coup.

For his part, Umma Party leader Mubarak Al-Fadil warned against any turmoil, pointing out that some parties are fearing the elections process because they do not have any popularity to win it.

Meanwhile, the conference is supposed to discuss the issues of democratic transformation, economy, peace, and transitional justice.

It is to be noted that the FFC considered the initiative as an attempt to boost military rule which misses the popularity.

The FFC is moving to unify the forces of the revolution to defeat the military coup and prepare for a transitional period, revealing their concentration in the upcoming days on the proposal of the constitutional declaration for the transitional period.

Shiekh Al-Jid called on the international community to provide support to the initiative to overcome the difficulties of the transitional period to legitimize the transitional rule towards free and fair democratic elections.

He called on the ambassadors and diplomats to convey to their government the desire of the Sudanese to move towards democracy and stability.

Mubarak Al-Fadil praised the initiative considering it as coming from a neutral party that is not involved in the political disputes or looking for a position.

He added that the initiative availed an opportunity for the national issue to come out of the closed doors which were dominated by political activists to the open spheres through engaging all the sectors of the Sudanese people on how to come out of the current political dilemma.

For his part Sudan Alliance Forces leader, Bahr Idris Abu Garda said that the initiative comes at a critical moment, pointing out that a conference that is participated by most of the political and social forces will lead to coming out of the crisis.

He renewed their rejection of any negative external interventions which harm the interests of Sudan and its people.

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