Tourism in Shenyang: Ocean Eye

Mohamed Saad Kamel

I usually look at places through their people and their inhabitants, and when I arrived in Shenyang, it was fortunate for me and fortunate for the city that I was accompanied by Lu Weizhu, or Ocean Eye, as I called her. Her beautiful eyes, through which I could feel the warmth and calmness of the ocean embrace me.

She cried on one occasion near me, as if her eyes rained with sadness that filled my heart and the heart of the ocean, and darkness prevailed all of Shengyin, but when her crying stopped, it was like the rain stops and the earth is covered again with beauty and warmth.

Ocean Eye was very active and energetic and worked hard to help us accomplish our journalistic tasks in the city. She received praise from all the press delegations, as she told us about the required information and the translation into the English language she is fluent in.

All the places we visited in Shenyang were beautiful and striking, and the most beautiful thing about them was the kindness and generosity of their people.

I was drawn to the city’s super cleanliness and its elderly residents’ daily practice of dancing, music, and singing in a small garden within the gardens scattered throughout the city.

Which was created with the purpose of making full use of the city’s underutilized lands, corners, scattered open spaces, and small green spaces, and with the aim of providing more open spaces for the public by planting trees, paving, adding benches, and providing sports opportunities for all.

We also visited a farm designed specifically for visitors and tourists across huge areas of rice, where you take a trip through a small train that moves you around the farm to see the beauty of agriculture and reach a high place with an elevator designed specifically for visitors so that they can see the farm from a high place and they can see the paintings Art that was designed on large areas.

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