Al-Burhan’s Visit to London and the Banality System

Mohamed Saad Kamil

The prominent Russian playwright Anton Chekhov who is considered to be one of the greatest writers of all time was once asked: How do the failed communities look like? He answered that in the failed communities there are one thousand foolish against only one superior, adding that in the failed communities there are one thousand clumsy words against only one conscious word. Accordingly, the majority of the people remain always idiots who prevail over wise men.

So, if you find the insignificant topics top the communities and the banality dominates the scene, then you are talking about a truly failed community.

Till now the hypocrites and petty in Sudan are making the failure on daily bases through social media in continuous attempts to abort the stability of Sudan by targeting the government institutions such as the regular forces and the ministries or even destroying the reputation of some characters.

They incite the hostile countries to impose sanctions on Sudan without recognizing that by doing this they are harming all the Sudanese people, even if their justification that the end justifies the means.

The current visit of the President of the Sovereignty Council, 1st Lt. Gen. Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan to England to represent Sudan in an international event affirmed that Sudan is recognized as an independent state; but the failure makers are launching a plan to abort the visit through mocking the objectives of the visit, etc. They are not concerned about the positive impact of the visit and its importance to the Sudanese people and government.

It is high time for all parties to pay attention to the reputation of Sudan’s foreign relations and to think deeply about the negative impact of promoting hatred against the Sudanese government.

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