Are We Going to Find the Key?

Muawad Mustafa Rashid

The brotherhood is an extremely hungry power. Its membership is famished! Their dreams, plans, and ambitions are to be running around trying to abort the peace process.

Unfortunately, they still have an indirect influence on our policy. Don’t they? The transitional caretaker government seems to have no potential to change Sudan’s political landscape.

Because of this reason precisely, the country’s image has become blurry.

Years ago, we stressed that the timing of the election and constitution-making processes must be carefully considered since premature elections could allow opportunistic leaders to cultivate grievances to win the office.

Despite the fact that thirty years passed as centuries, some of us didn’t understand the horrible lesson. We cried for years and years. We became isolated by the International commonality. It was a bad time…

As Shakespeare once said, ” fair is foul, foul is fair ”. 

We lost the fundamental human right, Are we savage animals in the jungle?

 We had never dreamt about civilian rights. It was wrong and stupid.

From another point of view, day by day, the Sudanese are rising in awareness and deciding to cross the red lines of the government. Then they began to ask about freedom of religion, freedom of the press, and freedom of expression. It’s been an amazing trip at the beginning because everyone is just so nice.

At that time, the people of Sudan were as if they had the heart of one man.

Secondly, most of the population of Sudan was very dedicated and addicted to that freedom’s voices.

The mirroring events created an opportunity for the young men. It made the generation capable so much, changing forever, and their priorities changed as well.

The revolutionaries laid the foundation stone of the revolution, their sole logo is (Just fall, that is all) those were the new facts on the ground.

The situation was deteriorating very fast. Everything was confusing for the political Islamic groups, even their children stood beside the homeland and avoid their fathers’ ideology.

In the course, some supporters and leaders of the regime jumped out of the sinking boat because they know it will not reach its destination. It is going to sink. It was an adventure too! From many quarters fear has broken out. There is widespread social desirability and racial desirability for changing, but not for revenge.

On the other hand side, the collapsing regime was in case of the need to get a fake solution to persuade the protesters. Some members of the Islamic movement consulted, and soon after, their solutions included the counterfeiting of currency.

Secondly, it has opened the door for women’s migration. A few of them have gotten an abroad chance and they have gone away from Sudan.

Thirdly, the ruling party has never monopoly on national radio and television in the country. This policy has characterized the brotherhood before the fall of their kingdom.

There seems to be a growing gap between the old generations and the current generations because the first doesn’t know the youths of today are experiencing rapidly changing, and to high ability to acclimatize the global as well.

Otherwise, some of the regime’s members have jumped out from the boat and we have seen a new government’s faces boarding the ship. But the weather has changed. Has the captain lost his way? Life has many ups and downs. So that, all the passengers are bored with the situation.” They wish they could get out from the sea to the shore now”.

Eventually, religious fundamentalists didn’t support the revolution, stating that it has no national contribution. Moreover, a combination of events has created a very bad result. Even though our slogan haven’t changeed yet. Sudanese goodness leads them to forget what’s happened. Do they want to forget what they have done to them? And begin a new life, be a new person. Also, we let the obstacle of today be our path forward. We just need to work a little on, overcoming the degrading situation.

I think a country runs on willpower and not only on programs. At the end of the day, we are looking for a key.

Are we going to find it? When we put hand in hand, we’ll discover the key homeland. But first, we don’t want procrastination. We are going to break a frustration barrier.

I believe that we can make a strong constitution to help us with how Sudan should be ruled, and the start was the recent draft constitution presented by the Bar Association Steering Committee which found a welcome from several heavy-weight countries besides the blessing of the Vice President of the Sovereignty Council, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo.

Let us hope that all the Sudanese reach consensus over the proposed draft constitution project to continue the transitional period towards the aspired democratic transformation.

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