Association of the College of Marine and Fisheries Sciences Organizing a Training Workshop on Marine Biodiversity in the Red Sea State

Port Sudan: Naji Adam

The Association of the Faculty of Marine Sciences at the Red Sea University organized, with the support of the Supreme Council for Natural Resources, the training workshop on the concept of marine biodiversity for a sustainable blue economy, within the framework of the project to strengthen national capacities and support and support the decision-making process and help in generalizing environmental obligations. 

The workshop discussed the importance of preserving marine biodiversity and how to protect it through laws, regulations, systems, and international agreements Introducing 6its comparative advantages, as well as identifying the challenges facing the work.

The Director of the Marine Department at the Supreme Council for the Environment, Dr. Awatef Abdel Qader, stressed the importance of continuous follow-up and evaluation of all projects related to the marine environment, noting the need to benefit from the marine resources that the state.

For his part, the Secretary-General of the Association of the College of Marine Sciences and the fisherman Khaled Ahmed explained that the association seeks to develop the skills of graduates to enable them to enter the labor market and various investments and cooperate with research centers to carry out global research projects to develop and improve the work environment in the various fields of the blue economy to keep pace with development in most parts of the world.

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