Enough Is Enough!

Osman Mirghani

In an interview conducted by Al-Jazeera Mubashir TV Channel, Wajdi Saleh, who is a leading figure in the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC), said that they do not have the desire to rule Sudan and that nobody should think that they want the exclusivity of being in power for the remaining period of the transition in case of formation a civilian government.

This saying is very strange because if the political parties do not desire to rule, what is the mission of the politicians or the political parties?

The question that poses itself is the meaning of having political parties that do not want to rule and at the same time want to become a political incubators? How come the political parties are authorized according to the draft constitution proposed by the Sudanese Bar Association to nominate the prime minister, the cabinet, the sovereignty council, the chief justice, and the constitutional court members if those political parties do want to rule?

The main task of the political parties and politicians is to practice governance considering that it is the platform through which the mechanisms of implementing its programs – if there are any – can go ahead.

Unfortunately, politicians use statements to promote unjustifiable logic.

The statement (The parties do not want to rule) is just a mask behind which those parties are planning to rule through the proposed constitution but without appearing on the surface.

It is wise for politicians and political parties to rule in the daylight to shoulder the responsibility for their deeds.

Hiding behind other banners will not pay off and is considered escaping from the consequences.

It is high time to consider the tremendous decline in the lives of the Sudanese people.

Enough is enough.

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