FFC Scrimmage!

Osman Mirghani

What is going on in the Sudanese political arena is not more than a scrimmage within the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) as it is divided into two opposing camps each claiming that it is the hero and the other is the traitor. Between these camps, the Sudanese people are suffering a lot as they are dying without hospitals or doctors, or medicine. Children are dropping out of school after their families fail to cover the expenses of their education. Millions of female maidens remain unwed due to the failure of males to afford the most nominal requirements.

Frankly speaking, this scrimmage should not be endless. Our honored politicians are not in a hurry, but the people are in a hurry because they paid a high price waiting boringly for a train that might not come.

It is high time for dedicated honesty to emerge on the surface, considering that Sudan doesn’t belong only to the FFC.

This is a serious call to every Sudanese who thinks that he is efficient or sees another person efficient to take the lead should move forward.

 What is required now is statesmen. It is not necessary to compete in a certain position, but what is required is more people who can lead the state in all aspects.

Some politicians have monopolized the leading cabin with qualifications or without. They are keen to guard the gates to ban others from entering by using the weapon of treachery against others.

We need a hundred males and females to take over the position of prime minister and ministers, not to solve the problems of the nation, but to lay the foundations of the institutions which are supposed to run the country.

The era of the inspirational leader has gone and what is need inspirational institutions to lead the country.

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