Intelligence: The Backbone of the Nation

Al-Sammani Awadallah

National intelligence is considered a condition for the sustainability of any country and that is through utilizing the economic, political, military, and diplomatic powers. But concentrating on the military and security power remains the most appropriate mean to preserve national security.

If the usage of diplomacy aims at mobilizing the allies, confronting the threats, activating the economic power, and preserving an active army,  the usage of intelligence organs aims at investigation, data collection, fighting to spy, and confronting illegal migration to cement the pillars of the national security to protect the community and the state.

Brig. Dr. (Rtd.) Ahmed Ali said that intelligence science is searching the mysterious thing to recognize them. The means to achieve that should be built on accurate and strong bases among which the coordination among the related organs to avoid conflict of interest and powers.

The above introduction is to prove that the general intelligence service is the pillar of building any nation and any attempt to weaken the intelligence services means the collapse of the state and makes it an arena of organized crime and the growth of terrorism cells that work for fragmentation of the country.

The General Intelligence Service (GIS) of Sudan is considered the strongest in the region a matter that makes it targeted by hostile countries to weaken its role using several methods and plans but in vain.

When it failed to achieve its goal the hostile parties tried plan (B) which is proposing the restructuring of the GIS, but because it is a well-established institution all along with highly qualified and trained cadres the attempts failed and the General Intelligence Service remain strong and steadfast.

The GIS played a great role in preserving the Sudanese revolution as the organ managed to foil several attempts to assault the revolution by using professional means a matter that makes it a pioneering institution in protecting the unity and coherence of the country.

GIS represents all of Sudan as its staff is from all parts of the country afar from any ethnic or tribal classifications.

On the contrary, the GIS is working hard to confront hate speech considering that it does not work for any political or ethnic party.

It is high time to provide all moral support to our GIS to cement an additional power to protect our national security to achieve the interests of our beloved Sudan, hence distancing the country from slipping into chaos and destroying the resources of the nation.

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