Jibril Ibrahim: Missed Chances!

Osman Mirghani

Minister of Finance, Dr. Jibril Ibrahim has returned to Khartoum after a long political diaspora through the Juba Peace Agreement (JPA) of October 3, 2020, and the agreed-upon power-share in which he was assigned the most important executive position in the government cabinet e.g. Minister of Finance. The Minister of finance is supposed to be the Deputy Prime Minister even if it is not stipulated in the agreement.

After October 25th, 2021 coup and the arrest of the Prime Minister, Dr. Abdallah Hamdok, and his return to the position on November 21st, 2021 then his resignation in January 2022, Dr. Jibril became the position of Prime Minister considering that no government had been formed and no one of the ministers of Hamdok’s cabinet or the sovereign council remained in his position except the JPA signatory parties.

Within the absence of the government and the apparent constitutional vacuum, the arena became open for Dr. Jibril with only two options either to assume his duties as Minister of Finance in the ongoing miserable economic conditions or to deal with the issue as top executive officer and set plans to overcome the shortage in the cabinet leading the government to safe shores with the remaining few executives.

Unfortunately, Dr. Jibril preferred to choose the first option to work as an officer in the government in a position of a minister which is an easy task for any executive.

History records that the great man is evaluated by his great deeds and stances in critical times, but if all things are going smoothly anybody can do the required routine work.

Within the tragic situation that Sudan is facing since the coup, there must be exceptional work to fill the gap and go forward; otherwise, the match will end without any achievements or scores.

It was a golden chance for Jibril to become an actual prime minister within the absence of the government and to free himself from the narrow circles related to the JPA.

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